We make ideas happen.

Catranis Technologies can make your business ideas into cutting edge apps and websites, tailored to your needs, and engineered for performance.

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Why Us?

We stay on top of everything so you can focus on actual business. Our solutions are designed to enhance your business and maximize its potential. We want your app or website to be the next big hit, and that’s why we design and develop all of our solutions to be user-friendly and scalable. Whether you’re building a large scale application or a small personal website, we have all of tools and techniques you’ll need to build something stunning.

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Our Services

Planning & Strategy

Not sure where to start? Need some advice and forethought? We can assist you in mapping out the potential technical challenges in developing your ideas. In addition, we can create a strategic roadmap for overcoming these challenges in timely and resourceful fashion.

Technology Consulting

If you already have a software product or service, we are able to offer advice on how well it's running, potential improvements, as well as simply explain the technical aspects of your product or service so you can get a better understanding of what's going on.

Mobile Apps

Our apps are designed quickly with a hybrid development process that allows us to develop for both Android and iOS at the same time! We also maximize our efficiency by writing scalable, sustainable code. Whether your app has 10,000 or 10 million users, iPhone or Android, it will still run the same (beautifully).

Web Development

We develop mobile-first, responsive static websites, blogs and wordpress sites, and web-based apps for all modern browsers and platforms. We can also modify your current website to bring it new features, mobile/responsive design, or wordpress functionality. Unlike many competitors, we're fully familiar with the server-side ("back-end") tools it will take to do the entire job in-house, making working with us an even smarter decision for your new website.

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